KinaCon 2015 is bringing in a new format for registration. Here is the summary of the changes and what they mean.

  • Retirement of the Street Team Membership requirement
For the past 5 years attending KinaCon required membership to the Kina Grannis Street Team (ST). Due to the growing numbers in Kination and the fact that there have been problems registering for ST membership, the KinaCon planners have decided to open registration to all Kinerds. Now, everyone will have a chance to attend via an approval process.

  • Non-ST Kinerds can register but will undergo an approval process
The ST requirement from the past was used as a filter. This was done to improve security and to ensure that attendee goals would be honest, not nefarious or self-serving, and to keep the spirit of KinaCon meaningful. To compensate for this filter the planners have implemented an approval process for non-ST members. 

Non-ST members will be able to register during the Open Registration period. Additional questions will be included in the form. Once your registration is completed, including payment, the form will be reviewed and admittance to KinaCon will be approved or denied. If denied, a full refund will be issued.

Registrants will be notified of the decision via email as soon as possible.  Admittance to KinaCon is not guaranteed until you receive an approval confirmation email.

  • Alumni Status

Attendees of any of the first 5 KinaCons are considered to be KinaCon Alumni (KC Alumni). From KinaCon 2015 and onward attendees will be given alumni status after attending two KinaCons.

  • VIP Status

VIP status is given to all ST members and KC Alumni. This year, VIPs will have an opportunity to register early and at a reduced cost.

  • Early/VIP Registration
This was put in place to give VIPs a chance to register before the general public. The caps on attendance have been modified to allow space for both VIPs and the general public.

  • Open Registration
Once Early/VIP Registration has closed, the Open Registration process of KinaCon will be open to all Kinerds.