2014 Registration

Welcome to the KinaCon registration page. Please read the following before you start the Registration Process.

Why do we have a registration:
  • Registration was put in place to allow for planning and investment tracking.
  • The benefits of registration:
    • an access badge for the registrant
    • street teaming missions with experienced street teamers
    • a KinaCon Goodie Bag (KGB) consisting of various street teaming tools
    • an invitation to a private banquet event with Kina Grannis and her family
    • additional benefits may be added and will be made public when known as the time draws near. 
  • Due to the scope and costs involved for an event of this type we need to know how many people are attending.
    • Registration is done on a first come first serve basis of completed Reg forms.
    • There is a registration cap and priority will be given to completed Reg forms.

Important tidbits:

  • By completing registration you are fully complying to the Rules and Regulations set forth for KinaCon HERE.
  • For the safety of KinaCon attendees, Kina Grannis and others involved, we reserve the right to deny registration to anyone.
  • Registration payment for KinaCon can be made by credit card or PayPal. No checks, money orders or cash can be accepted.
  • Registration can only be done online, no registration or payment will be taken on site (at the door).

The 3 Step Registration Process:

Step 1: Basic Info - Click the button below to start and fill in form with your basic information. Once submitted follow the instructions to go to Step 2.

Step 2: Payment -
Choose your registration type and t-shirt(s) if needed. Current pricing is listed in the chart below. We currently use PayPal for purchases.

Step 3: Confirmation -
Your registration is not complete until you receive an e-mail from us with a review of your registration and details of payment method.

 Item CostComments
 Standard Registration

(Sales Closed)
Not included in Registration cost.
NOTE: T-shirt orders are only available for a limited time.
 Minor w/ Parent/Guardian
($45.00 + $20.00)
This includes one standard reg and one guardian reg. A guardian reg is limited to event access only, additional materials or event participation expenses are not included.

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