Q: What is KinaCon?
A: KinaCon is an all ages event made for Kinerds by Kinerds. Through Kina Grannis' music we've made friendships around the world. KinaCon is an opportunity for us to get together, share our love for Kina, and be merry!

Q: When does KinaCon happen?
A: It varies, but the last few KinaCons have happened during July and August. 

Q: Where does KinaCon take place?
A: It has be held in the Los Angeles area, California, USA for the past five years. Based on the activity, the exact location within that area moves from day to day. We won't know the exact details on where until we complete the planning and publish the schedule for that year. For incoming out of towners, we recommend that you fly in via LAX, we arrange a suggested hotel that has a hotel shuttle service.

Q: How long is KinaCon?
A: KinaCon typically is a 3-day event, beginning on a Thursday and ending on the subsequent Saturday. The only exception to this was during KinaCon 2013 where it was held over 4 days.

Q: What do we do at KinaCon?
A: We start with an orientation, some ice breaker games, then move to Street Teaming, team challenges, lunches, dinners, beach activities (games, bonfire, etc), and end with a big banquet. KinaCon is designed to leave enough time between activities for your own agenda as well. If you have an activity you'd like to suggest for everyone, we encourage you to mail us at info@kinacon.com. Be sure to sign up at our mailing list for the latest info.

Q: Will Kina be there?
A: Yes, we work with a schedule that will work best with Kina to join us on most days. Note, we do not expect her to be there for all the days with exception to the final banquet, however, Kina and her family have expressed great interest to be part of KinaCon each day.


Q: What is the registration process?
A: Click HERE.

Q: Is there a registration cost?
A: Yes.

Q: If I only attend part of KinaCon or just come on the last day, do I have to pay the full registration cost?
A: Yes, our current policy is that any attendance of any day requires full registration payment. We do not allow partial payments for partial attendance.

Q: Is this event open to the public? 
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a limit to how many people can come to KinaCon?
A: Yes, but over the past years we have not had problems with the current limit. In the event that we do get close to reaching that limit, priority will be given to full paying attendees.

Q: Do I have to pay as soon as I register?
A1: For Early/VIP Registration: No, if you register and do not pay your place will be held in your name until Early/VIP Registration closes only if we are not close to reaching the maximum attendee limit. In the event that we do get close to reaching that limit, priority will be given to full paying attendees.

A2: For Open Registration: Yes, you will have one day after completing Step 1 to make your payment.

Q: Is KinaCon a 21 and over event?
A: No, KinaCon is an all ages event. Official KinaCon event locations are family friendly, however, certain event locations may have area restrictions to under age individuals. It is your responsibility to observe the restrictions an establishment may have regarding underage individuals.

Q: Will it matter if I'm a minor (age 17 and under)?
A: Yes, you will need a parent/guardian to accompany you.


Q: Where do I stay when I attend KinaCon?
A: We recommend that attendees stay at our suggested hotel. Our choice hotel will always be near the airport (LAX) so that a free airport shuttle service is available. It is also chosen to be as close as possible to where most event activities may be held. Pricing of the hotel is also carefully selected, balancing affordability vs. comfort. Staying at our recommended hotel also enables us to use efficiently carpool to the events and is a gathering point for most Kinerds.

Q: When will we know which hotel is selected?
A: Two weeks to a month before the event. Without knowing the full requirements of those attending the selection of the hotel can take time. Availability, bulk room rates and number of needed rooms are variables that we try to ascertain before final selection.

Q: Do I get my own room or do I have to share?
A: This is up to the attendee. Most Kinerds prefer to have roommates so that overall costs can be shared/split, but this is not required. The attendee and his/her roommates are responsible for full payment of the hotel room.

           Q: Do I get to pick a roommate?
A: Yes, if you require a roommate, you can work it out among yourselves who you want as a roommate, just let us know your plans ahead of time. If you can't find a roommate, we'll help accommodate you.

Q: Who's going to pick me up from the airport?
A: If you are staying at our recommended hotel, we ensure that there is a free shuttle service (from LAX) that you can take to that hotel. If for some reason a shuttle is unavailable, we have contact information set up so you can call one of us to pick you up.


Q: I want to be more involved! How can I help/volunteer?
A: Street Teamers have been great in wanting to volunteer their time or just help with an activity. If you're interested, drop us an email. We can always use additional help in set-up and clean-up of activities, providing solutions to unique problems that arise or just helping anyway they can (carrying items, watching over groups, logistics). If you want to lead an activity or we need a specific kind of assistance, volunteers will be called upon on an as-needed basis (arranged before KinaCon starts). Every year we usually have 3 or 4 volunteers and various helpers.

Q: How can I find out more information about KinaCon?