Rules & Regulations

KinaCon is an all ages event. With that in mind, we have taken measures to ensure that the environment is inclusive. These rules and regulations have been put into place to ensure a safe and successful KinaCon. Any questions regarding these rules and regulations should be directed to

  • No alcoholic beverages will be served by us at any event and we discourage drinking during our events.
  • No smoking will be allowed in/at any event.
  • It is imperative that attendees keep their badges with them at all times and visible for verification. Unless outlined otherwise, badges are required for all attendees for participation in any event.

  • Attendees must adhere to common sense rules of courtesy, public behavior, personal interaction, and respect for private property.
  • Harassment, lewd/compromising behavior, or any actions deemed offensive will not be tolerated.
  • KinaCon reserves the right to cancel, expel or call into question any attendees participation/membership without refund/reimbursement if code of conduct policies are not adhered to or if violation of any rule or regulation is determined.
  • If attendees witness/experience/identify situations where they feel their rights or a general code of conduct is in violation, it's recommended that they make one of the KinaCon planners aware of the situation.

  • The registration fee does not include/cover any housing/transportation means, methods, reimbursements or associated fees.
  • KinaCon does provide a housing suggestion via a chosen central hotel but any costs/fees are the responsibility of the attendee.
  • Some attendees may have cars or have other means of transportation. If attendees opt to take these third party transportation options, it is of their own accord and responsibility.
  • If KinaCon sponsored housing/transportation is made available, please reference the separate regulations associated with that particular method.
  • Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the KinaCon attendee to provide housing/transportation for themselves.

  • A minor is anyone considered to be 17 years or younger.
  • All minors will require a parent or guardian to be present at all times for all events the attendee(s) participates. 
  • Additional charges to accommodate the parent or guardian are included in the Minor Registration cost. 
  • Failure to comply with the age restrictions will prohibit us from allowing the participation of the minor in any events. Compliance and verification will be determined at sign-in. No exceptions can be allowed at this time.
  • On site housing, hotel or any form of accommodation for minors is the responsibility of their parent or guardian.
  • It is discouraged for any attendee to transport any minor(s) they are not the parent or guardian for. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the minor's parent or guardian to supply their own transportation.
  • If difficulties arise or unresolvable scenarios/conditions occur, we will need to close off attendance to minors.